Saturday, June 27, 2015

Choosing Lemon Law Attorneys

Lemon law attorneys are legally qualified people who are specialized in a particular niche of litigation that protects consumers from fraudulent manufacturers or sellers.

When Are You Entitled To a Full Refund

In a typical lemon law case, a buyer has purchased a "new" vehicle that has been nothing but problems from the get-go. They usually have spent a lot of their valuable time at the mechanic's shop getting repairs done.

After a certain number of attempted repairs, that consumer is then entitled to a full refund or a replacement vehicle. By hiring a lemon law lawyer, the individual can ensure that the best settlement is reached.

Make Sure You Ask Questions 

To find the best lemon law attorney, you should first look for someone who is legitimate. Ask the lemon law lawyers up front what sort of qualifications and experience they have in lemon law litigation.

Next, you can surf databases like,, to find more information on a firm or particular attorney's track record. Here you'll see if any complaints have been lodged or if people have been generally satisfied with how their cases were handled.

Contact The Bar Association For Your State 


If you're still unsure, you can contact your state's local bar association to ask if a particular attorney is licensed in your state. Going a step further, you can also ask an attorney for references or Google the name to see what comes up.

Be careful of common lemon law attorneys' pitfalls. For instance, many people will read "40 years of experience" on the company website and feel comfortable with that level. However, they may have taken the most experienced, senior member of their team and used his experience as their base. Or, in other cases, they may add up the years of experience from their entire staff to come up with that figure.

You'll need to find out how much experience your particular attorney has. Also, don't be timid to ask the firm how many lemon law cases they have handled. A good law firm can easily answer this question and give you statistics on how many of those cases they have won. Any firm that has won 80% or more of their cases is suitable for receiving your business.

Remember that location is important when considering lemon law attorneys. Since state and federal laws vary greatly, you will want someone who not only works in your immediate area, but who also has been licensed and trained in your region.

If your attorney has to travel great distances to counsel you or if your attorney hires other people to represent you in court, then you should consider how this may affect your settlement. It would also be nice to be able to hop in the car and drive down to the firm whenever you need to fill out new documents or seek attorney advice.

While you don't want to just choose any lawyer based on proximity alone, this should certainly be a factor.

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