Thursday, June 25, 2015

How To Find A Lemon Law Attorney

Despite automated production and robotic precision, not all vehicles come off the assembly line in perfect condition.

Have You Purchased A Lemon 


Even though there are consumer protection laws, not all dealers sell perfect cars. Sometimes consumers unknowingly purchase "lemons," which are cars that suffer from serious nonconformities and life-endangering defects.

If you find yourself in the repair shop constantly for the same problem or a number of problems within the first year or two of buying your "new" car, then you may need a lemon law attorney to help you win compensation.

The best way to protect yourself from a car lemon is to purchase vehicles that come with a comprehensive written warranty and to buy from well-known licensed dealers. You can check with the Better Business Bureau at before you buy from a particular dealer to find out if any complaints have been lodged against the company.

Important: You should keep detailed records of everything related to your car from the get-go.

Many consumers keep a small binder, folder or notebook in their glove-box, where they keep their warranty paperwork, as well as all receipts and detailed records of vehicle repairs. This little bit of effort helps greatly when you're creating a timeline of events to make your auto lemon law case.

Whenever you have a problem, it's best if you take your vehicle back to the actual dealer. If you suspect you have a lemon, don't hesitate to contact an attorney who is experienced in the lemon law legislation right away. Your lawyer fees will likely be covered at the end of a successful settlement, with no upfront charges.

Where To Look

To find a skilled lemon law attorney, you can check the esteemed Here you can read tips about lemon law litigation, read up on current lemon law news stories and find a lawyer that can help you in your state.

This website has been featured on CNN, in Forbes Magazine and on the USA Today website, so you can feel comfortable that you're getting reputable advice. Over the years, the number of vehicle lemon law cases has more than tripled because there are more lawyers specializing in this field. It is recommended that you contact a few lawyers for quotes.

Some lawyers charge upfront filing fees to get your case rolling, while others run the cases completely pro bono until the case has been won.

The Unofficial DMV Guide 


Another place to search for a lemon law attorney is This "unofficial DMV guide" can help you choose between lemon law lawyers in your state. You can review a vehicle history report or hire an attorney to research for you.

Simply click on your state to pull up several local law firms that may be able to help you litigate against dishonest manufacturers or dealerships that prey on innocent customers.

Often times, consumers accept a lesser agreement with the dealer, where the seller agrees to "buyback" the lemon car and allow a trade-in.

However, the consumer could have received cash in return to take his or her business elsewhere -- not to mention, the defective car will likely be resold to another unknowing victim! This is why it is best to pursue the case to the full extent of the law.

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