Monday, June 22, 2015

Paralegal Services For Consumers

Paralegal services are a form of legal help, where an assistant researches federal and local laws, as well as new laws and tax laws pertaining to your case.

They Do All The Behind The Scenes Work

It's the lawyer's job to construct an argument and represent you in the court of law, but it's the paralegal's job to do the behind-the-scenes work and provide attorney advice. If you feel your automobile or your consumer product is a "lemon" or a dud, then you will likely deal with a paralegal most of the time.

Sometimes consumers can avoid the services of a paralegal by hitting up the Better Business Bureau to learn about state laws concerning defective motor vehicles. The BBB Auto Line program has helped more than two million consumers since 1978. First, you can click lemon law on your state page to learn more about qualifying for a refund or trade-in.

Then, you can simply file an informal complaint at

Once your complaint has been filed, a Better Business Bureau representative will contact you by phone regarding your case. Often times, a reasonable agreement can be reached with the manufacturer or dealer. If not, your proceedings may take you to an informal arbitration, where both sides will then present their views.

Legal Assistants Follow The Paper Trail

On the other hand, hiring paralegal services is more like hiring a detective. Legal assistants will reconstruct the history of your lemon car from the time it was made until your complaint. They will be able to tell whether the vehicle has been in an accident or rebuilt, whether repairs had been made by the dealer, the time spent repairing the vehicle, the amount paid for repairs and whether that particular vehicle has known defects.

They'll also look out for fraudulent paperwork. After the lemon law lawyers do their research, they will then present the manufacturer with your case. You may then accept the manufacturer's offer or reject it and file a lawsuit.

It's All About Personal Preference

Paralegal services are optional, but it depends upon your personal preferences. If you have the time to research local laws yourself and the patience to wait through the Better Business Bureau investigation, then you can probably file a complaint on your own. If you'd rather get business taken care of professionally and don't mind paying a small legal fee from your settlement, then you may want to get attorney advice.

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